The Process of Healing

As I think about little humans, women, and the state of my face three weeks ago, I think about the incredible process of healing.
We can’t control the environment we were raised in and are often a product of it. Yet, there are those that have gone through the torturous process of healing from a challenging childhood and come out a beautifully strong and healthy soul. I am truly inspired by them.

Women have endured years of their dignity being chiseled away by men that hope to gratify their sexual desires without there being a mention of commitment. For this, healing can come and dignity can be sewn back together. In this pain, us girls should confide in one another.

Three weeks ago I was bit by a dog on the face and a surgeon jokingly commented that my Halloween costume was good to go as the Joker. It was scary and I cried, but my bestie was there and she was amazing in holding my hand and telling me about all the fun things we were still going to experience in Mexico. I’ve been amazed at the healing process and how ok it looks after such a short time. This scar will hold more good memories than bad and that is my hope for all of our scars.
I believe we’re on this earth to help each other heal from the brokenness we cant escape, and become the beautiful image bearers of the creator we were meant to be. May we turn and face the things that hurt us, vocalize the pain, cry about them with someone we trust and from there, begin the healing process ♥️

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