Cheers to Changing Careers Before 30


It was six years ago, almost to the day, that I enthusiastically began the search for my very first position as a certified teacher. My ideas for a classroom felt fresh and my passion for education seemed pure. I began in the land of the little ones and ended in the world where I was the one looking up. I assumed that secondary school would solve the issues I had with primary, but it didn’t take long for me to confirm what I probably already knew. I love teaching kids of all ages, yet I felt suffocated, stifled and restricted by the system. Both myself and the school system are flawed, I get that and therefore can’t sit here and list its issues unless I am also willing to list mine. We are just not meant for one another. And so, four months away from being thirty, I embark on a new adventure and have decided to make this blog a part of it. “What next?” is the question I am now asked. The unknown, that is what is next. Transition and change is something I love, and so, I look out into the open empty space with pure elation.


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