The Book of Forgiving and Why it Matters

book-of-forgiving-by-desmond-tutu-mpho-tutu¬†This book is one that should certainly be added to the reading list. Forgiving another has been something I have found fairly easy to do over the years. I am not one to “hold grudges” as many would put it. Sure, it could be due to my terrible memory, leading me to often forget the little troublesome encounters. Highly unlikely though. The major encounters I don’t forget, that’s for sure. I mean those ones that leave a mark you aggressively try to rub away until eventually realizing that it has been a part of shaping you into something beautiful. That’s the thing, it’s not so difficult to forgive when you see a purpose or meaning in the wrong done to you. When it really becomes disgustingly difficult is when you see no meaning in it and there appears to be no beautiful outcome. Of course, that is probably when it is most important to forgive.

What I learned from this book is that there is a process to forgiveness. Oddly enough, I discovered that the reason forgiveness has come quite easily to me is because I had subconsciously been following the process. Below is an image showing the cyclical damage done when we seek revenge, right alongside the path toward freedom when we forgive.


Whether it was from my parents, brothers, friends or my faith, I found that when wronged I was telling others openly about what had happened, how it made me feel, recognizing that we are all flawed and then attempted to renew the relationship. This process often has to be repeated over and over again, but the freedom it can bring is glorious.

I named this blog Dignified Beauty because I believe that when we recognize the noble  magnificence we have been created in, we will realize how essential it is to treat both ourselves and others with a level of propriety foreign to this dark world.

The restoration of Dignity is also the reason we should both forgive and seek forgiveness. What a difference it could make in this world if we verbally fought for all to be able to live dignified lives.


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